Edgewood Collaborative Work Group Update and Links

Dear Vilas neighbors,

The Collaborative Workgroup, consisting of representatives from the Vilas Neighborhood Association, the Dudgeon-Monroe Neighborhood Association, and Edgewood High School, got underway this week.  The agreed-to purpose of this work group is “Finding a way forward for Edgewood High School and the community regarding the EHS athletic field that optimizes the interests of key stakeholders.”  The process is being facilitated by Jeff Russell of Russell Consulting, Inc.

The Workgroup’s agenda and minutes will be made available each week so that the process is transparent to all neighbors.  Here is the link to the public OneDrive directory where you will find the Working Group Foundation Documents, as well as the Meeting Notes from our first meeting on April 16th.  The meeting notes and agendas from future meetings will be placed here, too, so please bookmark this link if you want to follow along:  

EHS Collaborative Working Group Public Folder

The VNA representatives to this Workgroup are the VNA President (me), our two VNA Liaisons to the Edgewood Liaison Committee (Jon Standridge and Sarah Bahauddin), and an at-large VNA Council representative (Craig Stanley).

Our next VNA meeting is scheduled for next Wednesday, April 24th, at 7pm at HotelRED.  Discussion about this process will be on the agenda, so please join us if you wish to participate or provide feedback.  (I will post the full agenda on Sun or Mon.)

Hope everyone enjoys the wonderful spring weather expected this weekend.

-Chris Kelly

VNA President