VNA Council Minutes - June 26, 2019

VNA Council Meeting Minutes  

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

7:30 PM – HotelRED

Council Members attending:

Chris Kelly (President)

Craig Stanley (Past President)

Pat Scheckel – (Treasurer)

Ben Biltz

Sarah Bahauddin

Lea Jacobs

Approval of Minutes (Ben 1st, Pat 2nd) motion carried

Announcements Communication

New Business

Vilas Park Master Planning (Chris)

·       1st community meeting earlier in evening at the zoo. 

·       URL with ongoing updates online


·       Council nominated Wendy Fearnside as reporting rep for VNA

·       Any ideas for the park, suggestions, questions, or feedback can be sent to the project team at

Home History Project, with DMNA.  – Doug Carlson not present

·       Deferred to July, no report

Ald. Evers - outline of D13 (Tag)

  • Outlined which committees he is on with high level update

        • Public Works committee

        • Education Committee

        • Executive Committee

  • Outlined “District 13 Alliance Meeting” concept (thoughts)

o   Concept to have meetings 4 times a year, start in fall 2019, goal to facilitate better relations and understanding of issues in district and neighborhoods

o   Proactive review issues of district and also review of larger issues facing city

o   Fall 2019 first meeting (Date TBD)

o   Have rep from each neighborhood (VNA to rep to send to Ald. Evers)

o   Rep to be discussed at future meeting (Lea Volunteered to represent) 

Old Business

Treasurer’s report – (Pat)

  • ~$1500 in account prior to party

  • ~$1100 in account after party, in good shape

Social report (report by Pat, Lee Lazar, social chair not present)

  • successful VNA Summer Block Party, approx 60 attends, threat of storms kept numbers down

Nominating Committee – Lee Lazar –

  • No report, deferred

VNA Directory & Block Captains – Roz Woodward,

  • deferred but Sarah offer to help with coordination

Status of Vilas Ink newsletter – Pat Scheckel,

  • Newsletter submitted to printer June 3rd, expect to mailed this week

Joint Campus Area Committee (JCAC) report

  • Doug Carlson not present, Pat reported, Nail’s tail status (football status to be removed and put in storage

VNA Zoning Committee report.  – Lea Jacobs reporting (committee members, Leah, Paul Cuta, Wendy and Ben)

  • Robust discussion regarding direction of numerous issues and how to address issues and education going forward.

  • Discussion on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). Committee to learn more on issue

  • Paul Cuta outlined meeting with Alder Evers, discussed getting future development issues outlined future of city and interrelation of plans (comp, zoning, neighborhood plans)

  • Committee meeting July 1st and will brainstorm ideas for future discussion and bring back to council

Edgewood Liaison committee report – (Liaisons - Jon Standridge and Sarah Bahauddin) Sarah reported:

  • Nothing much to report

  • Edgewood college updating signs, signs all internal on campus

EHS athletic field (Chris updated Council)

  • EHS has filed an appeal with the Zoning Board of Appeals.  The date of the hearing is undetermined but will likely occur in July.  EHS is seeking clarity on their rights to hold athletic competitions on their athletic field.  The appeal is focused solely on usage, not on lights or sound.

  • Collaborative Working Group, CWG  (EHS, DMNA, VNA)  (VNA reps:  Sarah, Jon, Chris, Craig) –

  • Group CWG on hold for now,

  • Meeting material can be found online through link


  • EHS is revising their proposal and said they will re-engage the CWG when it is ready to review.

Other Business

o   BEN BILTZ is formally on the Zoning committee


Motion to Adjourn was motion and seconded