VNA June Meeting Agenda - June 26, 2019

Wednesday, 7:30pm, at HotelRED.

***Note the 7:30 start time.  Vilas Park Master Planning meeting is being held at Vilas Park shelter from 6-7:30.


Call to Order

Approval of Minutes


·         Special thanks to HotelRED for making the meeting room available for our use this evening.

·         Communications.

o    A reminder that our neighborhood web site is at

o    Email address for the VNA –

o    The Vilas Ink newsletters are now being posted on the web site at


New Business


1.     Vilas Park Master Planning meeting debrief

2.     Selecting a VNA rep to send to Ald. Evers’ D13 Alliance meetings.

3.     Home History Project, with DMNA.  – Doug Carlson


 Existing Business

4.     Treasurer’s report – Pat Scheckel

5.     Social report - Lee Lazar

·         Thanks for another successful VNA Summer Block Party!

6.     Nominating Committee – Lee Lazar

·         Assembly of committee for VNA elections

7.     VNA Directory & Block Captains – Roz Woodward

·         Assistance for Roz

8.     Status of Vilas Ink newsletter – Pat Scheckel

9.     Joint Campus Area Committee (JCAC) report – Liaison - Doug Carlson

10.  VNA Zoning Committee report.  – Lea Jacobs

·         Vilas development updates

·         Vilas retail updates

11.  Edgewood Liaison committee report – (Liaisons - Jon Standridge and Sarah Bahauddin)

·         Liaison meeting report – Sarah, Jon

·         EHS athletic field.

o EHS has filed an appeal with the Zoning Board of Appeals.  The date of the hearing is undetermined but will likely occur in July.  EHS is seeking clarity on their rights to hold athletic competitions on their athletic field.  The appeal is focused solely on usage, not on lights or sound.

·         Collaborative Working Group (Sarah, Jon, Chris, Craig) – overview, updates, discussion

o The CWG has suspended its work.  Based on the feedback and discussion that has occurred so far, EHS is revising their proposal and said they will re-engage the CWG when it is ready to review.

o Please note that the CWG’s work is publicly available for review here:


Other Business