VNA Council Minutes - December 19, 2018

Minutes from 12/19/2018 meeting

Call to Order

Approval of Minutes

Announcements - January meeting date TBD

Old Business - none

  1. Elections: members up for election were Samip Kothari, Doug Carlson, Benjamin Biltz, and Pat Scheckel

    • Lee Lazar explained voting process

    • Lea Jacobs added her name to the ballot

    • Candidates spoke briefly

    • Handed out ballots to all attendees.....per the bylaws, everyone must vote for 4 candidates or vote does not count

    • Ballots were counted and 3 of 4 candidates were voted in: Pat Scheckel, Ben Biltz, and Sarah Bahauddin

    • Had to revote to fill 4th position (% of required votes was not met) and Lea Jacobs won by 1 vote

  2. Treasurer’s report – Pat Scheckel

    • $1794 in account after paying $1500  for the Holiday party at HotelRED 

    • Collected many dues at meeting as only paid members could vote in election; this will raise account balance

  3. Proposal for an ADU above garage on 815 Oakland Ave.

    • The property owner, Sam, was present. He wants to file for an ADU to create an apartment above his garage to be rented. Current plans are for his mom and/or sister to rent the property in the short-term.

    • This property was once a multi-rental and he has converted it to a single family home.

    • Property must be owner occupied with an ADU and he plans on living there

    • There was much discussion around this and while people were generally supportive of Sam’s intention, the following concerns were raised:

o   Concerns around increased rental properties in the neighborhood

o   Student vs owner occupied housing

o   There must be a single owner on any rental LLC

o   Any rentals must follow city and Air BnB rules (where applicable)

o   Do not want to set a precedent for short-term rentals in the neighborhood

o   ADU must be brought up to code and comply with all zoning regulations

4.     VNA Directory/Block Captains – no update

5.     Joint Campus Area Committee

o   The 222 N. Charter St proposal that was discussed 2 months ago was rejected by the Planning Commission.

o   The project didn’t meet setback or density requirements and the UW owns the surrounding property and likely intends to develop the area

6.     Edgewood Liaison Committee

o   Doug Poland recapped liaison committee responsibilities, EHS Master Plan history and current amendment proposal plans

o   Proposal goes in front of the Planning Commission on 1/14/19 and Common Council on 1/22/19

o   Question about whether or not track/field are open for public use? Yes – the track and field are open from 6am until dark for public use unless there is a scheduled event there.

New Business - none